ASANTI Network

Asanti Resources (v5.1 and later)

This page contains an overview of the most recent resources for Agfa Asanti, as well as links to the different resources and installation instructions or manuals.
It is important to apply server updates first, and then update the Asanti Client followed by the Resources.


Alignment Pin Sets
Latest version Date
Alignment Pin Sets for Asanti 5.1 July 2021

Installation Instructions

  • After downloading the zip file, extract the content using a utility such as WinZip.
  • Start the Asanti Client and open the System Overview.
  • Select your printing device and open the Alignment Pin Sets resource.
  • Click the import button and select the provided Alignment Pin Sets resource (mime format).

Importing new Allignment Pin Sets in Asanti 5.1

Refer to the Printing Multiple Sheets with ABF on Anapurna Tutorial and the ABF for Jeti Tauro Tutorial for more information.

Cutter Resources
Latest version Date
Cutter resources for Asanti 5.1 December 2021

Custom Mark Sets
Latest version Date
Custom Mark Sets for Asanti 5.1 and later September 2021

Wide Format Resources
Latest version Date
Agfa resources for Asanti 6.0 July 2023
Durst resources for Asanti 6.0 July 2023
Inca resources for Asanti 5.1 July 2021
Epson resources for Asanti 5.1 July 2021