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Starting with Asanti 6.0

At a Glance

Asanti 6.0 is the latest version of Agfa's advanced automated workflow for the wide-format sign and display markets.

This page will help you starting with Asanti 6.0.

If you have a newer or older version, go to the Starting with Asanti overview page.

Applies To:

Asanti Subscription Core, Asanti Essential, Asanti Subscription Advanced-Expert, Asanti a la carte, TauroConnect

Overview Asanti Basic Tutorials

Tutorials for Asanti Render, Asanti Production, Asanti Essential and Asanti Advanced
Tutorials for Asanti Production
Tutorials for Asanti Administrator
Tutorials for Packaging

Tutorial sample files

Download the sample files via the Asanti 6.0 Client: "Help > Asanti Online > Download Sample Files" or download them here.

➯ If you have remarks or questions concerning the Asanti tutorials, please contact us via email.