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Latest Asanti v4 Updates, Clients and Resources

It is important to keep your Asanti 4.0 system up to date to benefit from the latest updates and fixes.

This page contains an overview of the most recent updates, clients and resources for Agfa Asanti 4.0 as well as links to the different resources and installation instructions or manuals.
It is important to apply server updates first, and then update the Asanti Client followed by the Resources.

If you have an older version, go to Latest Asanti Updates, Clients and Resources overview page.


Name Date
82407_Essential_Fixes_1 March 2019
82407_Essential_Fixes_2 June 2019
82407_Essential_Fixes_3 January 2020
A11.74.0_HF_84083_JobstoreServer_VersioningNewPages January 2020
A11.74.0_HF_84371_JDFServer_MISResourcePull January 2020
A11.74.0_HF_84648_JDFServer_NamedFeatures January 2020
A11.74.0_HF_844032_Asanti_DashBoardBigData2 March 2020
A11.74.0_HF_86067_StorageServer_SQL2019Support October 2020
A11.74.0_HF_84373_ApogeePreflight_AxialShading October 2020
A11.74.0_HF_84157_Asanti_ScreensWhiteLine October 2020
A11.74.0_HF_84742_Asanti_2BitWhite October 2020
A11.74.0_HF_84756_PDFRender_TextMarkKnockout October 2020
A11.74.0_HF_85025_PDFRender_ICCProfileHandling October 2020
A11.74.0_HF_84989_Proofing_QMSCalibration October 2020
A11.74.0_HF_85232_ApogeeImpose_MarkVariables October 2020
A11.74.0_HF_85697_ApogeePreflight_InksaveThumbnails October 2020
A11.74.0_HF_846772_JDFServer_HandleParts2 October 2020
A11.74.0_HF_85814_ApogeeImpose_ManyPages October 2020
A11.74.0_HF_85685_JDFServer_PressTuneStock October 2020
A11.74.0_HF_85615_ProductionCenter_HideFinishedJobs October 2020
A11.74.0_HF_84985_Press_InkDriveBookSignatures October 2020
A11.74.0_HF_859742_Asanti_InkForeCast2 October 2020
A11.74.0_HF_86138_JDFServer_DeadlockPrevention October 2020
A11.74.0_HF_86416_ApogeePreflight_FinishingOnPrint October 2020
A11.74.0_HF_85341_Tauro_CamouflagePreset October 2020
A11.74.0_HF_86439_TiffRender_Barcodes October 2020
A11.74.0_HF_86596_ApogeePreflight_LineArtMemory October 2020
A11.74.0_HF_86839_ConfigMgr_UpgradeTo12 March 2021

To download and install the updates refer to the 'Updating your Asanti 4.0 System' Tutorial.


Latest version Date
Win Asanti 1.74.54/QMS 1.74.35 February 2021

DVD Update

Latest version Date
Asanti 4.0 DVD Update20200717 October 2020


Alignment Pin Sets
Latest version Date
Alignment Pin Sets for Asanti 4.0 February 2019

Installation Instructions

  • After downloading the zip file, extract the content using a utility such as WinZip.
  • Start the Asanti Client and open the System Overview.
  • Select your printing device and open the Alignment Pin Sets resource.
  • Click the import button and select the provided Alignment Pin Sets resource (mime format).

Importing new Allignment Pin Sets in Asanti 4.0

Refer to the Printing multiple Sheets with ABF on Anapurna Tutorial and the ABF for Jeti Tauro Tutorial for more information.

Cutter resources
Latest version Date
Cutter resources for Asanti 4.0 February 2019

Installation Instructions

Custom Marks Sets
Latest version Date
Custom Marks Sets for Asanti 4.0 February 2019

Durst resources
Latest version Date
Durst resources for Asanti 4.0 July 2019

Inca resources
Latest version Date
Inca resources for Asanti 4.0 Februari 2019

Epson resources
Latest version Date
Epson resources for Asanti 4.0 October 2020

Latest version Date
InkExporter for Asanti 4.0 March 2020